A Little Somethin’

This is a poem I wrote a few days ago for my media literacy class.  Some of you may be familiar with George Ella Lyon and his original poem, “Where I’m From”.  We were given a template/outline to help guide us in creating one of our own!  I am thankful for times like this that I am reminded of how fortunate I am to come from a truly special little town.  I really enjoyed writing this and reflecting on the vivid memories in my life thus far.  Assignments can be fun 🙂

“Where I’m from”

Abbey Parker


I am from “Small Town USA”

Where looks kill and genuine smiles soften the coldest hearts


I am from the old Country Club pool

From categories, gutter ball, and lunch at the club house

Golf cart rides to and from hole 4


I am from unconditional love

From brothers and sisters in Christ to blood kin

Where love will always remain


I am from First Presbyterian Preschool

From Bear Hunts, Mothers Morning Out,

Pecans on the playground and a bright yellow room


I am from Saturdays

From Sundrop slushies, a screened in porch

Pruned fingers, and suds in the bucket

Lynyrd Skynyrd blaring from a 1996 Jeep Cherokee


I am from “the big church on the hill”,

The safest place in the world

Where Sundays and Wednesdays never felt like a chore


From “cry night” at Caswell,

Inside jokes that better not be practical

Debriefing after a long, rewarding day


From endless rounds of “secret church” and “stealth”

3am in the blue room

Priceless memories


I am from South Aspen,

Lithia Inn,

South Poplar, and Quail Trail


I am from Christmas tradition

Robert Earl Keen, James Taylor, and Van Morrison

From monogrammed stockings

Familiar smells of candles and wine


I am from diversity

From traditional suburban homes and government housing

Races, ethnicities, republicans, democrats

From culture


I am from Von Ray Harris field

Friday night lights, a howling wolf,

And “the band with the bell”


From the familiar fight song, countless victories

“Hey! hey! Here we go” and cadence

Making faces to friends in the stands


From gold paw prints on asphalt

“Are you going to cookout?”

It’s a Lincolnton thing


I am from acceptance

From truth, accountability,

Lifelong friendships, and stability


A seed was planted,

A flower has blossomed

This is where I’m from



6 thoughts on “A Little Somethin’

  1. Speechless – very well said! This is why I love you so much you make a third dad proud!
    Love ya keep it up!
    You should print it and frame it and hang it on your wall to never forget who you are!

  2. Abbey, this is so so so good! I’m thoroughly impressed with the talent God has blessed you with and I’m happy you’ve found this new hobby to express it! Someday you’re going to change the world, Abbey Parker.
    -did you get that OTH reference?

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